Our customized software development solution

What would you say if we told you we could implement what you imagined?

Customized product development is like having a personal tailor. We do not make dry goods but customize the whole system according to our client’s requirements.

What are the advantages of customized development?

  • It means a competitive advantage against other business competitors.
  • All claims could be satisfied.
  • Quicker and more efficient work of colleagues as the software can meet special demands
  • If you wish to improve the software which we developed for you, we can react to changes much more rapidly than in the case of template based websites.
  • By integrated solutions we can support the communication between your existing system and the new one.


We use agile methodology to implement customized software development projects. Our client is always involved in the process. Constant communication is essential because it allows us to react flexibly to altering demands and get instant feedback from you. Feedback is especially important as this is how we know what we are working on provides you with real value.


What happens during our cooperation?

As a first step we help you compile the backlog which is a prioritized to-do list based on your ideas. In it we establish the functions that have to be implemented in the first sprint.

We work in two-week sprints that begin with sprint planning. During the project we are in constant consultation with you to make sure the software is just like you imagined it.

We start with a general needs assessment to put ourselves in your mindset. Then the client specification is made, functional requirements, use cases and processes are recorded.

We present you the visual functions and control. You can give instant feedback whether you like what you see or not.

According to complexity we determine the technical requirements and the necessary infrastructure, then we begin the technical design of the system.

We draw up the road map and compile the prioritized list of development tasks (backlog).

We start the development in two-week sprints. At the end of each sprint we deliver you a workpiece ready to be used. At delivery (demo) we are glad to receive your feedback which we can react to in the next sprint to manage altering demands.

Are you interested in customized development?

Cégünk egyedi szoftverfejlesztéssel, felhő alapú szolgáltatásokkal, munkaerő-kihelyezéssel foglalkozik. Nemcsak megtervezzük és kivitelezzük a rendszert, hanem segítünk a bevezetésében is. Számos referenciánk tanúskodik a projektek sikeres kivitelezéséről. 15 éve együtt dolgozó, profi, összeszokott csapat dolgozik a háttérben azon, hogy megértsék az ügyfelek problémáját, és megtalálják rá a legmegfelelőbb megoldást. Gyorsan tudunk alkalmazkodni a változó igényekhez és környezethez, így semmilyen projektet nem hagyunk veszni.
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