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Outsourcing, Greenfield, and Team Extension Solutions

Our services offer N-Ware’s IT professionals and software development resources quickly and cost-effectively. We provide our clients with N-Ware’s custom software development services perfected over 20 years to offset any shortage in technology or human resources and deliver completed projects even when facing tight deadlines.

Our teams can join projects anywhere in Europe and the US, but there’s no limit to our cooperation with international partners!

N-Ware Outsourcing

Our custom software development solutions ensure that we meet all client requirements and industry standards, delivering exclusive projects from scratch as quickly as they are needed. We provide full teams to work remotely on projects and take full responsibility for every delivered line of code, involving the client in every step of the development cycle. N-Ware outsourcing also offers a way to manage people and projects in an agile and transparent way, ensuring effective and enjoyable collaboration.

N-Ware Team Extension

Our clients can gain immediate access to an extensive collection of development resources, from professionals to technology solutions. Whether the client requires help with service design, portal development, product and project management, continuous delivery, or automated testing, we can support them immediately with high-performing, talented IT professionals. N-Ware software developers and testers work with industry best practices and are an integral part of any team.

delevelopment team

What is a Greenfield Project in Software Development?

Are you planning to build a system in a completely new environment that is not integrated with other systems, including legacy software? That means you are working on a greenfield project where you will need a new team to develop new infrastructure from scratch, probably even targeting a different segment of your customers. At N-Ware, we have had our fair share of successful greenfield projects implemented for global brands.

What is Nearshore Development?

Nearshoring is a special form of outsourcing where your software development projects are worked on and delivered from an adjacent location, usually from a neighboring country. In contrast, offshoring means that contracted services occur in a country further away from your area, while onshoring is simple outsourcing within your home country.

Why Choose N-Ware Services?

At N-Ware, we’ve worked on outsourced projects where development was stalling, or the client faced a tight deadline with the project far from completion. Each time we successfully got the project into shape and delivered on time. Working with global brands and multinational corporations across the globe is one of N-Ware’s fortes.

We have over 20 years of experience in building fully-staffed teams for large-scale international projects, providing resources in case of shortages in technology or human resources, and saving projects that lost their development team or faced an immediate launch.

Reduced Costs, Immediate Results

Outsource to a country where development expenses are lower. You get the same, high-quality services at a better price due to lower labor costs. Gain access to people, technology, and methodologies instantly, without long hiring processes, while we ensure that team size and capacities meet actual development needs as we quickly scale our teams up and down.

Faster, Cost-Effective Onboarding

Get the right professionals when you need them. Our IT professionals possess all the skills your project requires, but we make sure that by the time the project begins, everything will be in place to make remote collaboration function as effectively as possible. N-Ware developers and testers will know the project inside out, leading to close cooperation with your teams while ensuring compliance with all internal requirements.

Wider Talent Pool for Digital Excellence

Take your digital product development capacities to the next level by gaining access to highly trained IT professionals and service providers who work well with in-house teams. Companies that don’t have in-house software development expertise or are struggling to find the right talent get the best cost-effective solutions by outsourcing to a team of experienced professionals.

Client and Team Relationship

Our services extend to professional management of communication between you and our development teams. While all of our team members speak and write fluently in English, ensuring smooth and efficient communication with your departments, we also host regular reviews of deliverables, as well as performance and feedback sessions.

We can implement the most exclusive projects from scratch within the shortest timeframes. Cutting-edge technology combined with proven agile methodologies enables us to deliver software solutions according to the highest quality standards.

Service design

Portal development

Business analysis

Product development

Project management

Continuous development and delivery

Automated testing

Technology and Methodologies

Over the last two decades, our developers have become experts in the following technologies and development methodologies:

Tech stack:




Cloud Development

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft Biztalk Server







We use agile project management; our client is always involved in the process to ensure constant and flexible communication.

Case Studies

Learn how we developed success for global brands worldwide.


Developing an automated commission calculator and cloud-based, multi-tenant SaaS for one of the world’s largest luxury product manufacturers.

Financial Sector

Building an automated, secure, and SaaS-based online invoicing system for a global telco giant.

Industry 4.0

Process automation, IoT, digitization, paperless operations. These concepts define the software solutions we developed for the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.

Access 20 years of custom software development expertise.

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