About Us

With our eager team we work every day for satisfying the needs of our clients while getting more experience.

Up-to-date skills

N-Ware Ltd is a steady and reliable partner. Our team consists of creative and qualified junior and senior developers, testers and analysts. Currently we have 50 full-time developers but we also involve several contractors in our projects. Our team is expanding constantly.

We place strong emphasis on finding excellent professionals in the beginning of their career. We provide our employees with the opportunity of constant improvement and we invest in their education.

The greatest contentment of our client is very important to us. We aspire to establish successful and long-term cooperations with our partners. Our success in this respect is confirmed by the solid partnership with numerous world-famous companies.

Csaba Piya


As the managing director of N-Ware Ltd I witnessed the the rapid development of information technology in the recent years. Today it is obvious that the future is in software development. It will change every industry entirely. For these improvements to take place, we need more professionals.

Martina Mihály

HR Lead

I dropped into the world of HR 7 years ago. My goal, in order to support both the individual and the organizational objectives, is to ensure that the team functions well and everyone can fit in and find their own role.

Róbert Kis


I have always wanted to build a people-oriented software developing company. Even if it doesn’t always work that way, I keep trying.

József Varga

Operative Manager

Having almost 20 years of experience as a developer I coordinate and support the tHQ projects and teams. I actively develop and do research focusing on finding solutions that match the demands of our clients considering complexity and sustainability on the side of business, architecture, development, test and operation.

Andrea Katona

Product Manager at Billzone.eu

Billzone.eu is an online digital invoicing program that aims to inspire companies to digitize their data. With our automated solutions we are committed to modern administration.

László Sólyom

Project Manager

As a project manager I am happy to keep up the friendly atmosphere and supportive working conditions while we develop better and better products every day.

Our Partners


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