Implementing startup ideas

Your success. Our challenge.

You have a good startup idea? You only need the IT solution?

We offer the professional IT background for your business plan while you only have to focus on doing business.

Start, grow and become successful.

Effective support for the whole life cycle of the software

Our professional crew helps you with the whole process from working out the plan and finding investors to implementation.

Business validation

Working out the business model (service design)
We analyze your idea and test its business validity - how viable it is at the market. In doing so, we check if your income covers the expenses and we determine the costs of development and improvement. We survey the market, the competition and explore solutions as well. We define the size of the market and the number of your potential clients.

Looking for investors
We compile the one pager with the help of experts, then we help you get to the investors. We contribute to developing proper communication as well. You can learn how to convince them in the first two minutes.

Drawing up a marketing plan
A good product is not enough if your target audience doesn’t know about it. Branding means launching your product on the market with all the steps from logo design to working out digital marketing. It includes planning the advertisements for social media and Google. You will need a consistent brand communication so that your target audience will recognize you easily. We identify your strengths and endow your product with brand benefits so that you will stand out.

Our experienced development team works on implementing your ideas. We create value by using the software and aspire to improve your business processes. If you are interested in what would happen next in our cooperation, click here!

Technical implementation of the system
We help you with the technical implementation of your idea. Your business plan is drawn up by our experienced professionals. We define the size of the database and development team needed for your project.

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Our experienced software engineers use the latest technologies to do outstanding job at different fields of software development.


The new generation of software with full virtual studio and interactive 3D graphic visualization for broadcasting and content producing industries which requires only one PC to operate.


Reaktorlabs is an intensive software development course which aims to enable its students to become junior full stack developers in 18 weeks after a strict filtration. The training is practice-oriented and conforms to individual needs. The content of the curriculum is based on the latest marketable technologies.

billzone is the first SaaS based online invoicing system in Hungary which allows e-invoicing without electronic signature or buying a timestamp.

Cégünk egyedi szoftverfejlesztéssel, felhő alapú szolgáltatásokkal, munkaerő-kihelyezéssel foglalkozik. Nemcsak megtervezzük és kivitelezzük a rendszert, hanem segítünk a bevezetésében is. Számos referenciánk tanúskodik a projektek sikeres kivitelezéséről. 15 éve együtt dolgozó, profi, összeszokott csapat dolgozik a háttérben azon, hogy megértsék az ügyfelek problémáját, és megtalálják rá a legmegfelelőbb megoldást. Gyorsan tudunk alkalmazkodni a változó igényekhez és környezethez, így semmilyen projektet nem hagyunk veszni.
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