Higher level software development

Car industry

Systems facilitating sales processes. Work with lower risk using real-time information in the fast growing car industry.

The system serves lots of users with different needs. We had to aim to a solution that meets all the requirements. By implementing the new software our partner improved their sales performance.

15 +

years of partnership

Constant increase of sales numbers since the implementation of the software

Car Industry


Boosting the efficiency of logistics processes, establishing fast and precise systems

We use the latest technologies to support workflow in logistics. Our outsourced colleagues have been working at Lapker since 2010 and they had a fundamental role in the development and successful implementation of Pick Pack Pont catering service.

N-Ware IT and Consulting Ltd has been providing us with a reliable and solid .Net development background for many years. Their colleagues are not only experts in their field but also real motivators who handle our business and our problems to be solved as if they were their own. Thank you, N-ware. Thank you, Krisz.

István Gonda-Nagy
IT director at Lapker


Solutions to facilitate production flow and online transactions.

We have a solid cooperation with our partners and we take part in diverse projects.

When developing high reliability systems, the methodology we use ensures a low level of errors: development, integration and automated testing. Thanks to software architecture we can deliver multiple server solutions.


Financial sector

Online invoicing system that does not require installation. It is available from anywhere, anytime.

We have attained the automation of complex financial operations securely with stable functioning and high availability.

On the market since


Invoices issued

1 million+

I have tried and compared several invoicing system before I decided to change to electronic invoicing. Eventually I chose and as an active user I can only recommend it to others too.

Ákos Török
Managing director at Jusoft Hungary Kft.


Together we find the solution which allows you to be a confident actor in the field of energy.

We took part in the creation of an online platform which facilitates unhindered workflow and release of resources.

Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Process Automation, IOT, Digitization, Paperless operations.

We have been working at the transformer factory of Siemens in Csepel for more than 9 years to automate work processes. Paperless production was established with our help: all the documentation became digitally available on the spot of production. We also contributed to electronic bidding, distributed computing system optimization, tracking the function rates and error indicators of transformers in the cloud, remote monitoring of machines involved in the manufacturing process by IOT tools, automatic electronic tracking of production phases and very useful reporting of all these. We also take part in the project.

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What we are really good at

Understanding your clients better, developing more efficiently, delivering high quality products within estimated timeframes and costs.

This is why you should choose our customized development solution


All our services are backed by a warranty.

Ability to quickly expand

Imagine that all your staff is busy, but you have a new prospect...

Local representatives

We can provide you with representatives, who can attend important project meetings or tackle problems locally in Canada, US, UK, Central Europe (incl. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia), West-Africa and in the Arab Gulf region.

System Integration

Beyond developing new systems, we also provide compatibiility between your existing ones, so all your software cooperates in supporting your work processes.


Our servers are available 24/7 on 100 MBit bandwidth, teamwork can be organized and followed up just like in-house.

Backup resources

You can tackle fluctuations in your orders or emergencies by having an outsourcing partner. This solution also eases the dependence on some of your internal experts, who may start to work on other projects or leave your company.

Cost savings

Substantial costs and obligations associated with employing staff payroll administration, contracts, taxes, benefits, paid holidays and sick leave, idle time, etc are eliminated. You can calculate how these savings compare against our hourly rate.

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