Professional software development solutions

We turn possibilities into reality!

Customized development

Software Development is not only our job but our profession. Work processes are easy to follow and coordinate with our software. We could create an even better solution together!



We can provide you with local representation at many spots around the world, such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Austra, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia. The development takes place in Budapest.

High Performance Team

Our well-grooved team has been working together for 20 years and our immense experience in software development projects enables us to implement exclusive projects from scratch, within a short timeframe!

  • Service design
  • Portal development
  • Eliciting requirements, business analysis
  • Product and project management
  • Product development
  • Continuous development/delivery
  • Automated testing

Business and IT consulting

We provide business and IT consulting, because in our time they go hand in hand. So we will help you work out business models with a good chance for success, as well as making your existing practices more efficient and transparent.

Software testing

It’s possible to make mistakes even with the utmost attention to detail. Our testing engineers inspect the most hidden segments of the system, then make this repeatable with automatic tests, thus turning testing before each version into child’s play.

Project management

A good plan is not enough, a lot depends on realizing the project. We do not complicate your problems - we solve them. Our agile approach helps us in flexibly handling emerging obstacles, and we always choose the most effective route.

System integration

Beyond developing new systems, we also provide compatibility between your existing ones, so all your software cooperates in supporting your work processes.

Cloud based services

You don’t need to be afraid of sky-high start-up costs, because we can minimize the initial investment using cloud based services. Systems can later be flexibly enlarged, according to your needs. If you entrust us with your systems, we will provide 24/7 inspection, monitoring and maintenance.


Do you need an industrial solution?

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Cégünk egyedi szoftverfejlesztéssel, felhő alapú szolgáltatásokkal, munkaerő-kihelyezéssel foglalkozik. Nemcsak megtervezzük és kivitelezzük a rendszert, hanem segítünk a bevezetésében is. Számos referenciánk tanúskodik a projektek sikeres kivitelezéséről. 15 éve együtt dolgozó, profi, összeszokott csapat dolgozik a háttérben azon, hogy megértsék az ügyfelek problémáját, és megtalálják rá a legmegfelelőbb megoldást. Gyorsan tudunk alkalmazkodni a változó igényekhez és környezethez, így semmilyen projektet nem hagyunk veszni.
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